Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Apple iPod Touch - IGN Homepage Advert

I highly recommend paying a visit over to the homepage today to witness a fantastic new display advert for the Apple iPod Touch.

It is not the first time Apple have developed a display ad that features an iPod coming out from the confines of the box, with myself reporting them doing so on YouTube in November 2008. However, to reflect the "New Level Fun" to be experienced with the latest iPod Touch, the motion within the ad is replicated on the navigation bar at the top of the homepage.

For those that have turned up too late to see this ingenious use of digital advertising can instead take in the below examples:

iPod Touch Banner Display Ad Screenshot 1
iPod Touch Banner Display Ad Screenshot 2
iPod Touch Banner Display Ad Screenshot 3
iPod Touch Banner Display Ad Screenshot 4
A selection of motion seen on the IGN homepage

UPDATE - Thanks to Graeme for providing video evidence!

Amazing Online Display Ad for iPod Touch

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