Sunday, 4 October 2009

Compare The Meerkat Jacuzzi Advert

This week, the UK's favourite 'Russian Meerkat that heads up an advertising campaign for a car insurance comparison website' is back with a brand new TV commercial.

With all the success that the Aleksandr Orlov character has had on social media (with over 580,000 fans on Facebook and 27,000 followers on Twitter, at the time of writing), it was good to see that the new advert made it's first official appearance on YouTube and Facebook before either TV or the CompareTheMeerkat website.

Here is the new commercial:

Compare The Meerkat - Jacuzzi Advert

In terms of Brand awareness, the Meerkat campaign has been a huge success for CompareTheMarket. Throughout 2008 their TV adverts featured the 'falling car' theme to limited success. The graph below shows the relative online search interest in the terms "compare the market" and "meerkat":

Search Insights - Compare The Market / Meerkat
Search Insights - Compare The Market / Meerkat (click for larger)

It is clear that the launch of the meerkat adverts in January 2009 had a massive boost on the interest in the brand (and also meerkats!). What has been fascinating, however, is that the interest did not simply peak at that moment in time, but has gradually built throughout the year. Surely this is a strong sign of the potential longevity that this character could have.

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Gray Dudek said...

Thanks for writing this up from a search perspective. I agree that the campaign has longevity. I looked at it from an online chatter perspective and noted similar. Many have knocked the campaign but I like you have to say that everything I look at measurement-wsie seems to tell me it is effective! I wrote an article on my blog about it also that you might find interesting.