Friday, 28 May 2010

ZenithOptimedia Moxie Trendspotting - Location Based Services

The ZenithOptimedia Moxie Trends video this month focuses on one of the hot social media / digital topics - Location Based Services (or "LBS" for short).

Nicola Smith, Kimberly Davis, Nick Burcher, Adam Hemming and Nicholas Tay are your guides as ZenithOptimedia Moxie take a trip around the globe looking at the big players and latest developments in LBS. It's not just Google Latitude, FourSquare and Gowalla - they look at local trends in Europe and Asia too.

A highly useful video for those that are interested in the latest developments in soical media technology.

ZenithOptimedia Moxie Trendspotting Video - May 2010 - Location Based Services

Being Batman - Episode Two - "Not Yet, He Ain't"

Continuing my unofficial role as the blog to Becoming/Being Batman, I am proud to highlight episode two of season two - "Not Yet, He Ain't".

In this epsiode, Wayne is finding it hard to get motivated. However, there's an app that will help launch the plot!

Being Batman - Episode Two - "Not Yet, He Ain't"

Being Batman - Episode One - "The Dark Knight Returns"

It been 10 months since the end of "Becoming Batman". With the promise of a second season, we finally have the new episodes of "Being Batman". This time is glorious HD!

Thanks to Stuart Laws, Al Clayton and the rest for carrying on with such a great concept.

Let the fun begin!

Being Batman - Episode One - "The Dark Knight Returns"